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Luxury Car Rental Dubai Starting From X AED

When traveling to Dubai, you can’t help but think of splurging and indulging yourself, and if that means you have to hire a Ferrari for the day with luxury car rental Dubai, well so be it!

Once you arrive in the city you will find that the number of super cars is quite high and super car rentals in Dubai are very popular! These can create a sudden urge to want to try out what it’s like to drive one of them. And we totally understand it!

This is why there are several luxury car rentals in Dubai that cater to people like you and rent Ferraris or Lamborghinis by the hour, afternoon or day!

A legitimate and very popular Cheap Car Rental Dubai when it comes to renting a supercar like a Ferrari is Myrentacar, where you can choose from a fleet of Ferraris and Lamborghinis or even hire a Porsche in Dubai! This company is reliable and has great reviews!

Here are the sample prices we have found:

  • Ferrari – From US $ 940 to US $ 1,035 per day
  • Lamborghini – US $ 820 per day
  • Bentley – Starting at AED 1,200 (US $ 325) per hour, AED 2,900 (US $ 790) per day.
  • Mercedes Benz – from 210 to 700 US dollars per day, depending on the model.
  • Audi Q8 – US $ 360 per day

LIFE HACK: we have found a great life tip that we must share with you! If you want to rent a luxury car like a limo or a Ferrari for just an hour to take a tour and take some pictures, we have found this great website with amazing prices! It’s a great way to save money and rent a luxury car in the city, most of the time for less than US $ 80 per hour! This is also a great website that locals use to research other types of discounts (hotels, restaurants) – it’s similar to Groupon for the UAE. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

NOTE: Keep in mind that there are additional costs that sports Car Rental in Dubai will charge you in order to allow you to drive one of their supercars. After my research, we realized that it varies a lot depending on the supplier, but for example if you are under 25 many suppliers will not let you rent their supercars while others will not let you rent their supercars. will not let lead. SuperCarPerHour you may be under 25, but you will need to pay an additional 250 AED (US $ 68) for this. As for the deposit, they usually hold a good chunk of the money on your credit card, usually between AED 500 (US $ 136) and AED 5,000 (US $ 1,360).

NOTE 2: It is considered a standard practice that they ask you to send a scanned copy of your documents online when Rent a Car Dubai, go for supercars in the Emirates in order to avoid scams. HOWEVER, they may also ask you to send a picture of your credit card; it’s up to you to take the risk but personally, we would never do it!

PRO TIP: Check out Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Jumeirah Road (D94) and Al Wasl Road, these are all three great roads to travel with your supercar!

Hope now it is a bit clearer for you on how to go about luxury car rental Dubai. We did a lot of research for this article so you don’t have to go through the same!

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