Vehicle Specifications


The BMW 5 is the embodiment of a lively business cantina. At absolute first sight, it passes on an impression of a la mode physicality that especially communicates itself thoughts in the powerful outline and decreased plan language. Clear surfaces and exact forms loan the exquisite outside an advanced, specialized environment.

The exquisite and useful inside finishes the inventive desire of the vehicle with future-arranged advancements and lively components. In mix with amazing driving elements and imaginative advances, THE 5 gives solace, self-assuredness and, most importantly, an incomparable degree of sheer driving joys on ventures both short and long.

THE 5 aides energy and self-assuredness to the following normal level – thanks most importantly to the regular BMW extents like long wheelbase, the lengthy hat and the streaming rooftop line. Exact forms give an interesting difference to the smoothed out, decreased surfaces, making an advanced, puristic look. Specifically, the BMW kidney grille and BMW Laser light give the front a dynamic and imaginative person.

The headlights are consistently associated with the kidney grille, which moreover underlines the broadness of the vehicle and creates an excellent polish and presence that is kept up with entirely through to the freestyle tailpipes in the back cover. The outcome is a trendy yet energetic by and large picture. To know BMW rental Dubai prices, Call Dripstar Car Rental services today!

Specifications of the Car:

Top Speed: 250 km/h

Acceleration 0–100 km/h :6.1 seconds

Torque: 4/4

Cylinder/valves: 4/4



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